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Luke and Anna Hellebronth: Worshipping As One

Aptly passionate about God and music, Luke and Anna Hellebronth are global leaders of Worship Central, a music and worship movement that was launched in London in 2006. In Sept. 2014, they moved from London to Kuala Lumpur to assist with Worship Central’s growth in Asia.

“Anna and I have been leading worship and writing songs together. She’s brilliant, she’s got an amazing voice and she brings something completely different to our team,” Luke Hellebronth beamed with pride while his beautiful blond wife Anna blushed beside him. Married for nearly seven years, their journey has taught them much about marriage and being in ministry as a couple.

“Make sure you set aside time to be together, away from work and ministry.”

Called To Worship

Luke always had a passion for singing. He started leading worship in the church’s student ministry one day, even though he’d never really sung before. That step of faith threw him into the deep end, but also birthed a new avenue for his passion: worship leading. As he fell deeper in love with his new discovery, he couldn’t quench the desire in his heart that longed for more. He began to write songs and work on his vocals.

As for Anna, she played the violin in church at a young age. When she was older, she sensed a call to lead worship, but it was alongside another career that she had at the time. Eventually, the career ended and she had a period of six months to decide what to do.

“During that time, there was a transition in the team at church so I joined the staff and got more involved with running the teams and writing songs,” she recounted. “It was something that’s always been there, but I used to wonder if I’d do it fulltime.”

There’s always a first time for everything, and Anna still remembers the first time she stepped onstage to lead worship.

“It wasn’t the best memory,” she admitted with an embarrassed smile. She’d been so terrified because that evening she had to lead 200 people with another leader, Nikki Fletcher, a Worship Central singer and songwriter. After the event, Anna had locked herself in the bathroom and bawled her eyes out from an overwhelming mixture of fear and relief.

When Luke led worship for the first time, he thought he’d done a bad job because he held himself to very high musical standards. Both of them didn’t have the perfect first experience, but that didn’t stop them from pursuing the path that God had called them to.

Performing For Christ

It’s a common misconception that worship leaders and musicians need to be perfect. It can be scary knowing that the whole room is watching you onstage. At the end of the day, worship teams need to remind themselves that they are putting on their best performance for God and not for people.

Worship Central trains worship teams to channel their creativity in a way that serves the church, while encouraging them to use their gifts to glorify His name.


“I’m always learning new things every time I lead worship. God is making all things new and He’s constantly at work,” Luke said excitedly. “Proverbs talks about gaining wisdom and understanding, which is important as a worship leader because you’re constantly in a position where you’re leading others and God’s Spirit is at work.”


Sparks Fly

“I’m not sure the perfect person is out there because no one is perfect. Every marriage has things that need to be worked on.”


Their friendship blossomed when they met during the Alpha Course in London, with Anna as a participant and Luke as a facilitator. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Anna had moved to London to pursue a degree in musical theatre while Luke had left Norwich to study music in London. When they met, they both felt a strong chemistry simmering beneath the surface of their friendship, but neither of them tried to kindle anything until a year and a half later when Luke finally decided it was time to ask her out officially. They dated for six months before he proposed.

“People say marriage is like putting a mirror up to yourself, where you see all the bad things about yourself,” Luke chuckled. “It’s a huge learning experience in seeing the areas you need to work on in life. It’s a great way of practicing service – to serve one another,” he continued. “Husbands are meant to love their wives as Christ loves the church, and it’s a pretty huge task. There’s a lot to learn in that.”

Most young Christians have their minds wrapped around the idea that God has prepared a perfect person out there for each one, so they spend their lives worrying that they might miss out on meeting their Mr. or Mrs. Right. Or they worry that marrying the wrong person might result in an imperfect marriage. But the Hellebronths have a different perspective.

“I’m not sure there is just one person. I think God makes the best of everything, and if your heart and motives are right, God is able to do anything with a relationship,” Luke said. “He’s able to redeem all sorts of things and make them new. So I’m not sure there’s the perfect person out there because no one is perfect. Every marriage has things that need to be worked on.”


“I agree,” Anna nodded. “I think people come into your path at particular times and you can just feel that perhaps, it is really special. A good marriage is friendship for us. Laugh, love, do life together based on a really good friendship. There’ll always be things that go wrong, but if you’re committed to that friendship, it’ll withstand a lot.”

Serving Together As A Couple

Drawing from their experiences, the duo believes that it’s vital to keep friendship at the heart of everything, while getting a good balance on working life.

“It’s important to make sure you set enough time aside to be together, away from work and ministry and get in that rhythm where you can just switch off,” Luke said. “Holidays are important. Try to fit some fun in by making memories away from just ministry and work.”

“I really respect Luke as a leader,” Anna added. “He has gifts that I don’t have, and we need each other in the team. It’s important to respect what God has put in him, and give it space where it’s needed.”

Marriage isn’t a breezy stroll in the park, and while serving as a couple poses its challenges, the Hellebronths feel privileged for the opportunity to experience life and ministry together.


“Serving together is so much fun,” Anna smiled. “It’s just a real privilege to be able to travel together and do ministry together. Two are always better than one. We complement each other and we’re strong when we lead together.”

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