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Tips for Parenting Special Child

Firstly, focus on God. He is the Rock of life. Cry out to God. Develop a relationship with God. We can go on with living. We are never alone.

Secondly, we have to be very practical and realistic in setting goals for our disabled child. Some parents go overboard in their goals, or they blame themselves and can’t adapt.

Thirdly, don’t neglect other members of the family, especially the husband. A good relationship with our husband goes a long way. Everyone suffers when the marriage fails. We need to give each other marriage time. Recently, my husband and I joined the Alpha marriage course to enrich our relationship.

Have a teachable heart. Always count your blessings. Don’t let the opinions of others influence you to think small or negative. Never be ashamed of sharing with others. Learn more together with others in the same boat.

Pamper yourself. Take a holiday with your spouse. Be happy. Care for your health. Have a facial. Be presentable. My happiness is good for my family and people around me.

I am always thankful for my husband, for his love and leadership. He is my strong support and counsel.

Lastly, desire to glorify God in all things. I offer myself to serve God. I celebrate the life God gave me.

God’s Special Son - Asian Beacon: Aug-Sep 2008 (Vol 40, No 4, p36-37)