Teth, also written as Ṭēth or Tet, is a letter of the Semitic abjads, including Phoenician Ṭēt Phoenician teth.svgHebrew Ṭēt טAramaic Ṭēth Teth.svgSyriac Ṭēṯ ܛ, and Arabic Ṭāʾ ط. It is the 16th letter of the modern Arabic alphabet. The Persian ṭa is pronounced as a hard “t” sound and is the 19th letter in the modern Persian alphabet. The Phoenician letter also gave rise to the Greek theta (Θ), originally an aspirated voiceless alveolar stop but now used for the voiceless dental fricative. The Arabic letter is sometimes transliterated as tah in English,[1] for example in Arabic script in Unicode.

The sound value of Teth is //, one of the Semitic emphatic consonants.

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