God’s makeover for beauty doctor

By Goh Bee Lee

Aesthetic practitioner Dr Peter Loo* is the one making people over anew but he was at the receiving end, getting the ‘makeover’, when he signed up for the three-month MoneyLife financial management course late last year.

When he joined the Bible-based course, the already wealthy doctor was on the verge of making a major decision. He was contemplating investing in an expensive machine for his practice and wanted to be sure God approved of it.  He didn’t want to just make more and more money. Joining the course was a kind of cross-check.

To his pleasant surprise, he discovered there was still much to learn about how a Christian should manage his finances. Married with 14-year-old twins, a boy and a girl, he had been a Christian.


A humble learner, Dr Loo found out that after all his years in church and walk with God, he had not really seen wealth from God’s perspective, nor engaged in the practicalities of wise stewardship. The course helped him see the wonderful possibilities God can open up with his gift of material wealth. He learned to open his heart and his wallet, and began to see the needs of the people around him and give more generously.

“The course taught me new godly habits to keep track of wealth, as it is all from God. It also drew me closer to God,” he said and added he enjoyed the interactive course where sharing and testimonies built strong bonds.

Dr Loo also found that as he engaged with the Lord and served Him willingly, God gave him than he needed to bless others.


Dr Loo is keen to leave a legacy of sound financial principles to the next generation, not just to his children but to the younger generation at large. As God continues to speak to him, he is burdened that the young should learn to handle wealth wisely.

“I was encouraged to do my course homework with my son and I was privileged to teach him how to invest.”

Being very interested in online shopping, his son took to online investment like a fish to water. During the course, they were assigned to start an investment with RM100. They raked in a five hundred-fold profit!

This brought father and son closer together and the daughter also became interested. As a family, they got excited engaging with God and their family altar took on a new life. Even his wife saw the dramatic change in him. She found a joyful husband who was no longer short-tempered but full of peace and joy – a brand new husband whose giving had grown. She also saw how God blessed his business amazingly. Impressed, she joined the MoneyLife course too.


Touched by a real and loving God, Dr Loo now looks at his staff through new eyes. He began to see their needs as he checked on their welfare and became more generous with their wages.

His view of work has also changed and he now finds satisfaction in helping his patients. The work of his hands has now become a wonderful service to God and man, and not just a means of making money. Honest feedbacks from patients no longer offend him but are welcomed and he would even waive his fee if he has to repeat the treatment.

For Dr Loo, what began as an attempt to check that his life was in line with God’s will has been well-rewarded with wonderfully unexpected changes and blessings. Did not God say “Those who honour me, I will honour”?

So, did he buy that expensive machine? Yes. And recouped the cost within a month. 

*Not his real name

Asian Beacon: Apr – Jun 2018 (Vol 50 #2, p38)

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