Audio Version: Grateful: A Journey into the Power of Intimacy and Gratitude

Grateful: A Journey into the Power of Intimacy and Gratitude

As Christians, we have access to comfort, peace, and restoration through Christ. One of our regular contributors, Suzane Christie, has newly published a devotional that will help Christians discover calmness and serenity even during tough times. She shares about her new book here, one that she has written with a specific focus on the power of gratitude, as exemplified by Isaiah 55. 

GRATEFUL – Devotional & Journal

Take a 7-Day Journey of intimacy and devotions with Isaiah 55 and discover the power of gratitude in your life!

Gratitude guides us to see the goodness of God. When we do, we will find the hand of God and contentment in every circumstance. Philippians 4:6 encourages us to be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Why?

Because gratitude brings restoration; in the midst of turbulent storms, gratitude blows the winds of peace.

On a physical level, gratitude unleashes a wave of positive changes to our body and mind. Research in neuroscience reveals that gratitude helps us let go of toxic emotions, reduces pain, improves sleep quality, regulates stress, and reduces anxiety and depression.

Grateful is an invitation to intimacy. This 7-Day Devotional on Isaiah 55 calls you to 

intentionally seek God for more of Him with a heart of gratitude. Within these pages, you will find:

  • Intimate daily devotions to reflect on.
  • Introspective prayer of thanksgiving to release.
  • Interactive journal questions to dig deeper.

If you sense a stirring in your soul to take one step closer to Jesus, Grateful is the perfect devotional to guide you deeper into God’s Word. What you hold in your hand is your resolute response to walk towards Jesus’ everlasting invitation to “Come…” – this devotional will turn your gaze towards Jesus in total gratitude like never before. 

This devotional book is a collaboration with Helen Avadiar-Nimbalker, a Malaysian missions worker and artist based in Thailand. Each devotional is illustrated with watercolour paintings by Helen and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards funding her work in anti-human/sex trafficking in Thailand.

The Grateful Devotional and Journal (hardcopy) is now available for sale throughout Malaysia at You can also purchase a copy at Canaanland Christian Bookstore in Ara Damansara.

Below you can find an excerpt from the book:


“Ho! Every one who thirsts, come to the waters;
And you who have no money come, buy and eat.
Come, buy wine and milk
Without money and without cost.


You matter. God loves you eternally and unconditionally because you matter so much to Him  – that He sent His only Son to die on the cross for you, so you can have eternal life (John 3:16). This is why God is continually inviting you; He says “Come…” repeatedly throughout scripture. That is incredibly powerful and humbling! The Almighty God of the universe wants you closer to Him! Doesn’t that make you feel so grateful?

God’s invitation to you to come closer never ceases and has no boundaries. When He asks you to come to Him for rest when you are burdened (Matthew 11:28),  it is because He never wants you to dwell where weary wallows.

Isaiah 55 reminds us of God’s covenant of grace made with us in Christ. It is His free invitation to intimacy so we can all gain from His grace and live a life of promised abundance through Jesus. The good news is everyone is invited. Are you thirsty for His streams of living waters and His nourishment?

Whoever you are and wherever in life you may be, Jesus calls you to come as you are! He asks you directly – why spend your money and labour with things that do not satisfy? (Isaiah 55:2) What the world offers is so fleeting. More often than not, it leaves you longing for more and causes you to chase things you can never fully attain.

You may have a hold on them for a while, but the vacancy in your soul will remain. And then the cycle starts again; you begin chasing the next “big or new” thing… Jesus is calling you – to stop; to listen; to fill yourself with the only thing that will fully satisfy; Him.

The closer you draw to Christ and His Word, the more you will discover your true identity and giftings, becoming content with your life. That is your gateway to gratitude! You will stop comparing yourself to others, you will stop coveting the skills, gifts and possessions that others have. You will become more secure in your own skin because it will be God’s unfailing love and acceptance that covers you from head to toe!

Be it through His Word or by simply abiding in His presence, God desires to walk in the deepest intimacy with you. So come a little closer, sit with Him a little longer, breathe in His Word a little deeper, eat of what is good and delight yourself in abundance (Isaiah 55:2); you will never be the same again!

It costs you nothing to come closer to Jesus to be filled; in return He gives you everything to live a life of true abundance in Him. In Jesus, there is enough for us all – aren’t you grateful for that?


Lord, I thank you that it costs me NOTHING to come before you to taste your goodness. You nourish and provide me with all that I need – sometimes even before I ask. I am beyond blessed that I have a loving Father to whom I can boldly turn to, at any time, for anything. I am thankful that I only need to take one step towards you to draw close to you and you will run towards me with open arms to draw close to me.

Nothing in life gives me more value and fulfilment than to be known as YOUR child. I am thirsty for you Lord and I am grateful that you are the living water that can quench my thirst. I am thankful that even when everything in my life may seem dry, I only need to sit at your feet, and you will open the rivers of everlasting life to sustain me.

Holy Spirit, I ask you to increase the thirst within me so I can drink more of all that Jesus wants to pour into me. Today and every day, I give you my gratitude and I ask you Holy Spirit, to help me to always rekindle the flame within me, so I never stop longing for my blessed Saviour. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!


What new thing can you do this week to draw closer to Jesus – beyond daily prayer, worship and scripture? How can you intentionally cultivate a lifestyle of worship that nourishes you daily?

About the Author

Suzane Christie is a writer, blogger, and an avid traveller. She has written extensively for magazines, compilation books, online devotions, and articles, both in her home country Malaysia, as well as in the United States, where she lived for a while. Her heart’s desire is to reveal the Father’s Heart through her writings, so that every reader step into their God-given identity. Grateful is the first devotional book in her 7-Day Devotional Series. Suzane lives in Malaysia with her husband Jonathan, his son Kyle and Mello, her fat Texan cat.

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