Study #1: GIMEL

This is the 3rd letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. 3 is the number of the Trinity – pointing to the 3rd Person of the Godhead in particular: The Holy Spirit.

It is spelt as GML in Hebrew ( Gimel Mem Lamed) and bears three basic meanings:


GIMEL is a picture of a Camel. Since Mem ( water ) is coded in its spelling, it represents a “forward action” towards water ( life ).


Since the rider of the camel is elevated – as a camel is the tallest of all domesticated animals in ancient times – GIMEL has the connotation of being LIFTED UP.

A proud person is one who “lifts himself” in pride…above God Himself.


Lamed means “authority ” of a teacher or judge, an authority given by God.

LAMED is shaped like a rod of authority that reaches heaven while touching earth.

This is an anointing of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth.

In John 16:8 Jesus said He will send the Holy Spirit as the One who will reprove ( convince ) the world of sin, righteousness and judgment. He will teach us from the authority of the Word what these important words truly mean. And in the Endtimes, He will help us to “march forward” towards the realisation of the Coming of the Messiah who will be the One True Judge of the world of sin in true righteousness and unerring and unbiased judgment.

Father God, GIMEL is such a revelatory word! It propels us forward in life so we do not run on empty. It fills us up with the Breath of the Ruach ( Holy Spirit ) in true humility as the power is His not ours. It empowers us with the anointing of spiritual authority of a judge. May we be accounted worthy servants of such an honour, mandate and privilege.

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