The Hebrew Alphabet

By Pastor Christoper Choo

Study #1: MEM


In our long study of LAMED that precedes MEM, we understood how LAMED is a pictorial of the Shepherd’s Staff, the Goad of Discipleship.

Today we are going to study MEM (the pictorial of Water).

In its negative sense, it means a flood, storm, tsunami, the chaotic sea of humanity. In its positive sense, it means the rejuvenation by living water into new life.

In the days of Noah, both aspects of MEM were seen vivdly. The Noahic Flood was a symbol of God’s dire judgment on humanity who drowned in the Flood. Only Noah and his family survived in the floating Ark above the Flood, thus displaying the new life, the rejuvenation that Living Water brings.

When we look at the letter MEM, it is a composite of two letters: KAPH ( the Anointing ) and VAV ( the Nail of the COVENANT ).

So if LAMED is the Staff of Teaching and Discipleship, then MEM is the salvation factor of the perishing world – that we as disciples must fulfill the Great Commission of sharing the gospel of the Covenant of the Cross ( Nail ) in the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit. 

Abba Father, Hebrew alphabets  have so much to teach us of Your plan for the redemption of sinners under judgment of sin ( death ). When there is still light, anoint us to fulfill Your Great Commission in the positive meaning of MEM as “fishers of men” in the chaotic sea of humanity.

Study #1 MEM