The Hebrew Alphabet

By Pastor Christoper Choo

Study #10: VAV

Let’s have some fun with the gematria value of VAV which is 6.

My reference is the famous “Number In Scripture” by E.W. Bullinger.

6 is 4 +2 = man’s world (4 ) is at enmity between man and God (2).

6 is 5+1 = God’s grace (5) is made of no effect when we add man ( 1 ) into the equation.

6 = 7 minus 1 = man falls short of God’s glory and perfection.

From the above, 6 has to do with man, the number of human imperfection, a godless man of sin.

The list of 6 as a synonym of man’s sinful condition includes:

A. The 6th Commandment relates to the worst sin: murder.
B. The 6th clause of the Lord’s Prayer treats of sin.
C. The serpent also was created on the 6th day.
D. Man’s labour is divided by a number of six-es. The day consists of 24 hours ( 4×6 ) divided into day and night of 12 hours ( 2×6 ). There are 12 months to a year while the minutes consist of 60 minutes ( 6×10 ) and the minute has 60 seconds ( 6×10 ).

Father God, 6 days has been appointed to man for his labour while one day is associated with Your sovereign rest. The Jews thus honour the Sabbath Day as sacred to You. For us the spiritual lesson is there is no rest apart from Your peace – the rest which only You can give ( Matthew 12:28 ). Help us to understand the far reaching influence of VAV as 6 that we may turn to You in Christ as our righteousness.

Study #10 VAV