The Hebrew Alphabet

By Pastor Christoper Choo

Study #18: VAV


We thought that after after Jesus returns to Planet Earth to rule and reign in righteousness for a thousand years that humankind would finally have got their act together and have learnt how to defeat sin in their lives.

Moreover He has the backup forces of His righteous army who have not succumbed to the flesh – namely His Bride ( The Body of Christ ) and the martyrs of the Tribulation – who will establish His Millenium reign in complete harmony with our Creator God as prophesied by Isaiah 65:20-25 and Revelation 20:4.

But the sinful nature inherent in all of mankind will not have changed. People will still be born during the Millenium with a flesh life in which dwells no good thing ( Romans 7:18 ). Although the Unholy Trinity are not around to deceive the world any more – with Satan bound and thrown into the Bottomless Pit after the return of Christ earlier, and his two cohorts ( the Anti-Christ and False Prophet) are safely out of the way and incarcerated in the eternal lake of fire and brimstone – the Earth still bears the eternal stain of sin.

But once Satan is loosed after the Millenium is over, he will try to deceive nations who will surround Jerusalem in one last desperate bid to take over God’s creation.

God will then send fire from heaven to devour them in an instant. And finally the devil will be cast into the eternal lake of fire and brimstone by one mere angel acting on God’s orders. There satan will join his two unholy cohorts and together they will be tormented forever ( Revelation 20:7-10 ).

Father God, thus the Millenium ends and the Final Judgment of the world begins – just as time ceases and eternity starts.

Study #18 VAV
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