The Hebrew Alphabet

By Pastor Christoper Choo

Study #3: CHET

CHET ( Fence) AND CHESED ( Covenantal Love )

This alphabet is a stark reminder that we can be fenced in or out of God’s Love and Protection.

It modifies one of the most important words in the Old Testament : CHESED ( Covenantal Love ) which is spelt in 3 letters:

1. CHET = Fence, tent wall = to divide, to separate.

2. SAMECH = Thorns = to support or to protect e.g. a thorn bush put on top of a stone wall to protect the sheep inside from predators = a symbol of the Crown of Thorns which drew Christ’s Blood as a sign of the Covenant.

3. DALET = Door = an entrance or exit = to enter in or out.

CHESED thus simply means “the fence of the door”.

But the English Bibles have varying translations e.g.

1.KJV translates it as “Mercy”.
2. ESV as “Steadfast Love”
3. NASB as “Lovingkindness”.

But in the spiritual, CHESED is personifed in Christ as our Door ( John 10:9-16 ). Thus in Him we gain access to God’s Presence and Power and in His CHESED love and mercy for us, we enjoy:

1. Protection from our enemies.
2. Preservation of our life from death – the wages of sin.
3. Quickening of our spiritual life.
4. Redemption from sin.
5. The Keeping of Covenants.

Father God, CHESED is the fence around us when we learn to grow in our faith and trust in Your everlasting CHESED love for us. From the word CHESED comes the word CHASID ( The Saints ) who are the people of Your “affection, grace, kindness, love and mercy who turn around and become people of mercy to others”. Empower us by Your Holy Spirit to be dispensers of Your CHESED love to the world outside.

Study #3 CHET