The Hebrew Alphabet

By Pastor Christoper Choo

Study #3: LAMED


In the Old Testament, Moses had a ROD which God used to convince the Israelites that he was sent by Him to be their deliverer:

  1. God taught him how to turn his ROD into a snake and back into a ROD ( Exodus 4:2-5).

2.Later Moses used it as a sign of God’s judgment on Egypt:

  1. When Moses waved it over the Nile, the river turned into blood.
  2. When he stretched it over streams, frogs came up on the land.
  3. When he struck the dust, gnats came up from it.
  4. When he stretched his ROD over the Red Sea, the waters parted to allow the Israelites a safe passage across.

These are Biblical examples to show how the ROD of God in Moses’ hands could bring deliverance.

But it was only a preview of how God would use another ROD in the person of Yeshua Ha Mashiach to bring a greater deliverance.

Heavenly Father, like Moses’ ROD, Jesus was ordinary  and unimpressive.He was reviled, cast down on the ground, became a curse for us ( Galatians 3:10-13), and then was restored.

However, in Revelation 2:27, it was our Risen Saviour – now  our great High Priest – who warned the Church at Thyatira that he  will “break them with an iron ROD and smash them like clay pots”. In other words, Jesus as the LAMED of God ( the ROD of God’s Authority ) will not only save those who belong to You but will also smash those who reject You.

Thankfully we are in Christ so that You will use Your power in our favour  – for if You are for us, who can be against us? ( Romans 8:31).

Study #3 LAMED