The Hebrew Alphabet

By Pastor Christoper Choo

Study #3: VAV

VAV has a gematria of 6 and is the pictogram of the nail.

In Genesis 1:1 the 6th word begins with a VAV i.e. V -ETS.

Let us read Genesis 1:1

A. In Hebrew

“Bereshit bara Elohim et hashamayim VETS ha- arets”.

B. In English

“In beginning created God the heavens AND the earth”.

VAV is thus seen as the “nail” or “and” that joins heaven and earth together. Like the vision of Jacob’s ladder, Jesus told Nathanael He is the One who connects heaven to earth and vice versa ( John 1:51 ).

Thus as the embodiment of VAV, Jesus is teaching us:
1. He is the way ( doorway ) from earth to heaven.
2. He is both the Son of Man and Son of God.
3. He operates in the spiritual and natural.
4. He is the visible manifestation of the invisible God.

Father God, Jesus was nailed to the Cross. He is the Living Word of VAV that attaches and joins us to heaven from earth so that nothing can separate us from Your love for us.

Study #3 VAV
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