The Hebrew Alphabet

By Pastor Christoper Choo

Study #5: ZAYIN


A remarkable illustration of this is found in the TWO GENEALOGIES OF JESUS

VAV (6) is the number of MAN while ZAYIN (7) is the great number of SPIRITUAL PERFECTION

Matthew gives us the ROYAL genealogy of Jesus as KING while Luke gives the HUMAN genealogy of Jesus as MAN.

Kings must trace their descent while Man must trace his ascent to some particular ancestor.

In Matthew, after David, we have his son Solomon; while in Luke we have another son of David, Nathan. From this point we have two lines. Matthew gives the royal and legal line through Solomon while Luke gives the natural and lineal line through Nathan. The former is the line according to legal succession; the latter is the line according to natural descent.

Both lines converge in Joseph ( son of Jacob ) and Mary ( the only daughter of Heli) – and are united in Jesus.

By His death the two lines become extinct but He was the King of Israel by right – and declared to be the Son of God by His resurrection from the dead ( Romans 1:4 ).

Father God, in combining VAV and ZAYIN, we have the marvellous interlacing of the numbers 6 and 7 which serve to stamp the two genealogies of Jesus – to set forth the Human and Divine natures of our Lord as perfect Man and perfect God.

Study #5 ZAYIN
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