The Hebrew Alphabet

By Pastor Christoper Choo

Study #8: CHET


CHOTER ( ROD ) is only found twice in ancient prophetic text.

Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah will come from the ” Rod ( CHOTER ) of Jesse” ( Isaiah 11:1 ).

Who is Jesse? Matthew 1 tells us he is a descendent of Abraham and the father of King David from whom Jesus traces his earthly lineage from.

The pictorials of CHOTER tell us more:

1. CHET = Fence
2. TET = Snake, to surround.
3. RESH = Head, Prince.

Thus CHOTER is “the Prince who will surround us with the hedge of prot-

A. The Pictorial Meaning of CHOTER

Biblical history tells us that David’s tribe of Judah was conquered by the Assyrians in tandem to Isaiah’s prophecy that the “the forests will be levelled to a stump” but a stump of Jesse – like a faithful remnant – will revive and bring forth a Messiah.

B. The Numerical Meaning of CHOTER

1. CHET = 8 the number of new beginnings.
2. TET = 9 the number of judgment.
3. RESH = 200 = the number of God’s sufficiency, Man’s insufficiency.

The numerals are prophetic as they point to a Coming Messiah who will surround and protect His fallen people and give them a new beginning from their fallen state.

Father G_d, CHOTER points to Jesus as the Messiah. Just like a Prince who was surrounded and cut off, He was resurrected from the dead and grew to become our Risen Saviour and Righteous Judge in fulfilment of Isaiah’s prophecy in Isaiah 10:33-34. And He is here to protect us with a hedge of protection, the faithful remnant who choose by faith to come under submission to His rule and reign over their lives.

Study #8 CHET
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