The Hebrew Alphabet

By Pastor Christoper Choo

Study #8: MEM



MEM has two written forms: the Open Mem and the Closed Mem (Mem Sofit).

Some say they resemble an open or closed Womb (N.B. the water metaphor becoming a mother’s water bag as such).

But the common metaphor for MEM is Water. The Hebrew word MAYIM for Water has both the MEM letters: the normative MEM in the beginning and the closed MEM at the end.

As Water is a life- giving source and force, the Open MEM is a womb that bursts with new life. The Closed Womb like a lake is self-enclosed and does not give out its waters – dangerously becoming “still born” as such.

The spiritual lesson is that we must share the living MEM as it comes from God as a precious commodity to bless all men. A farmer who does not block a river’s flow in his land blesses other farmers on lower levels.

Abba Father, MEM has so much hidden spiritual truths. If we bless others instead of hoarding our MEMS or competing against others by refusing to share our trade secrets or secret recipes, the world will be left more impoverished and the next generation will lament or curse their forefathers for failing in their duty as guardians and stewards of God’s resources for mankind.

Matthew 10:8

“…freely you have received, freely give”.

Study #8 MEM
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