Audio Version – Turning Hearts – A Healing Ministry

by the Chua Family

Chua Wee Hian, a Singaporean, and the founder of Turning Hearts, was the first Asian General Secretary of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). After several decades heading up IFES, he moved on to found Emmanuel Evangelical Church in London, which he pastored for many years.  

Wee Hian has written several books, one of which was “Lovers For Life”, which he co-authored with Tek & Goldie Chong in 1971. For several years, he was a regular contributor to the blog with Notable Quotes – in which he shared his experiences and wisdom. He now spends his time travelling to different countries as a speaker and consultant to many churches.  

Turning Hearts is Wee Hian’s latest ministry: a healing ministry based on the promises of Malachi 4, which he co-chairs with his son Andrew and grandson Benjamin. They, along with several other inter-generational families from across the world, invite any and all who want to join for a time of healing prayer which is facilitated through Zoom and Facebook Live, once every three weeks. (* see scheduled dates)

Here is Benjamin explaining a little more about Turning Hearts:

As a grandfather, father and son trio, we long to see the words of Malachi 4 come to life in the world around us – for the sun of righteousness to rise with healing in its rays. As the hearts of the parents are turned towards their children, the hearts of children are turned towards their parents, and the world is saved from the pain of the curse (the most current expression of which is the coronavirus/covid-19). 

In this time many people are locked down and unable to see others in person – and because of the strain on health systems everywhere, we wondered, “What can we do?” Our answer: to host online healing meetings that anyone can join, and where anyone can receive prayer for their lives – no matter what your background or predicament is. We simply want to offer the hope of healing in a broken and chaotic world – and we want to equip you to do the same. So come, join us in one of our online Zoom meetings! *

The Turning Hearts team consists of the Chua family in the UK (Wee Hian, his son, Andrew, and Benjamin, his grandson) as well as some of their friends and partners in the Gospel community from around the world, including Ps. Jeff Yuen from Singapore.

*Scheduled dates of meetings:

The next meeting is on June 28th, 2020. Subsequent meetings will be on July 19th, August 9, and August 30th 2020.   

Meetings are held once every three Sundays.

Meeting times are London time: 2pm and  Malaysia & Perth time: 9pm.


Benjamin, Andrew and Wee Hian, together in the Garden of Gethsemane, in Jerusalem.
Benjamin, Andrew, King Ling & Wee Hian
The Chua family

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