Welcome to the worship movement, a resource portal concerning the preparation and application in worship. To rediscover and reexamine the heart of worship which is central to being a worshipper. To further refute preference over preparation in this day and age of worship. But return to the deeper understanding in worship that is to be in spirit and in truth by virtue of His Word and His Sovereignty. 

As I facilitate this portal during my time with Asian Beacon, I bring to you my years of experience, my personal accounts, preparations and understandings. Hoping to share and shed light in these alarming times witnessing worship transiting to trends, styles and preferences. Instead, forming templates, themes and structures to suit occasions rather than to posture, to revere, to strive for holiness and intimacy which is considered in this day and age, obsolete.

I am constantly reminded by scripture to ensure that all that I offer in worship will not be in vain. What more when I am entrusted the responsibility in leading worship and leading the masses into praise. It is not just a calling, it is a higher calling. And this is the reason for this portal, a higher understanding in worship.

THE SOURCE (Article)
What we perceive worship to be throughout the decades has been visually inspired by the many who have paved the way in the international worship arena. From renowned individuals to groups, bands, worship teams and movements, that has greatly influenced our song selections, styles, themes and way we ourselves engage in worship.
They truly have set the standards and benchmark in skills, perfecting their craft that produces the inspiration in others to also follow. Indeed, a worthy and noble cause.

But in the shortcomings of the nature of the flesh when overwhelmed by sight over spirit, as leaders we may allow worship to sway towards what is convincing to our congregation, our flesh rather than the conviction of the Holy Spirit. This is where we begin to derail, when we perceive worship to be a replica of a popular style, sound and source, lacking in reverence, the Holy Spirit being the substance.  

 Though these examples of great worship teams that are of a great source of inspiration, let us realize that the greater Holy Spirit is the source of impartation. Rather than to be caught up by a superficial source in the flesh, we need to get back to the primary source with the Holy Spirit which is to understand and live by it.

The Nature of Worship is spiritual. Therefore, as we are to engage in worship, we must first understand the nature of how we are to engage in the spirit. God is spirit, and His worshippers must worship Him in spirit and in truth. John 4:24

To reconnect with the SOURCE, one must re learn to submit & surrender.
Romans 8:26 to allow the spirit to take over with groans that words cannot express.

This is such a pivotal PROCESS which we’ve grievously neglected, overlooked and perhaps an attitude that couldn’t care less when the works of worship supersedes its worth. We are in danger of worship being a stimulant agent catering to draw the crowd and numbers in with styles replacing substance, impressing over impartation and performance over posture. We need to reexamine the posture of our hearts over the physical posture.    

To submit and surrender the issues of the flesh to being still and silent, one that is utterly uncomfortable, given the circumstantial technological advancement with our smart phones as our visual aide and fidgety fingers that crave for a swipe.
To submit and to surrender is to simply train and teach our minds to dispose, dispel and dissipate all distractions from the beeps, ring tones, notifications from all the chat groups and social media platforms we’ve assimilated and accustomed ourselves all this while. But if it’s not the hand phones, it is certainly the Martha’s, which I myself am guilty of from time to time….ha ha.

In this technological age, this has to be the most boring thing to do, especially with the millennials who feed on constant information as social media wrecks havoc in their minds to begin craving attention towards and about themselves. As it is not bad enough that we are already at war with the principalities, we further enlarge the battlefield on a physical level within our own thoughts and mind in the desires of our flesh…OMG its double dose!

Yes, we need to, to learn to battle and face it head on. This is not like Joseph running away from Portiphar’s wife, but instead governed by an intentional response to submit and a posture of surrender to the SOURCE, which produces the discipline to overcome the sinful nature of the flesh in the process. In other words, we need to allow ourselves to be discipled by the Holy Spirit.

We need to because we are engaging in Worship that is in the nature and realm of the Holy Spirit. Then we will understand how or when the Holy Spirit prompts a Word, an interpretation or a stirring in our hearts that causes us to respond to a spontaneous move, transition of songs or vocal and musical dynamics during worship that produces an outpouring that blesses.

Always remember that above all that we can produce, pull off or engineer in worship, nothing is more important than HIS sovereign presence with us. And such, we need to engage in a deeper understanding of what HIS presence is like, because HE is the SOURCE of it all that enables us to do what we do, why we do it and how it is done of worship.

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