Uniquely Beautiful


Uniquely Beautiful By Sheela Vijayan 中文 | Chinese BEAUTY THROUGH THE AGES Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Most little girls would have grown up hearing this and stare into the mirror, trying to

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ROOFTOP PRINCIPLE Don’t even go there! By Pastor Chris Kam Our Christian life is constantly challenged. Taking personal responsibility for our own lives is a call to remain steadfast, disciplined and resilient in our faith. There are too many careless

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Timothy William family


Thank God For Failures By Dr Timothy Cheng & Ong Juat Heng If Dr Timothy William had not failed, he might not have won the highly coveted 2017 Merdeka Award, one of the most, if not the most, prestigious awards

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AB Vol 50.2 (Apr - June 2018)
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AB Vol 50.1 (Jan - Mar 2018)

Seeking Talent & Talents...

We at Asian Beacon are always looking for volunteers with unique skills to come and serve alongside us to produce inspiring, God-glorifying content for our website -- writers who can capture the stories and impact our readers; techies who can whip up the latest website designs; and videographers who aspire to be movie directors.

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