What is it about stories, anyway?

Here in Asian Beacon, we would like to share stories written by people explaining everything in their experience from science to relationships, from feelings to memories, from questions to objections, and most important of all, their life changing experience with the living God. And with every story we hear, read, or listen, our mind makes cognitive and emotional connections that shape our perspective of the world. So we hope our stories will one way or another have a positive impact in your life. 

Latest Story

Since early in Asian Beacon’s history, the Dear Goldie section has been a perennial favourite in our magazines. Over the years, Tek and Goldie Chong, have helped and counselled many Christians seeking for advice on tough life issues and questions. Through this column, they have also shared sincere and inspirational stories of real meetups with people, straight from their heart, to encourage the Body of Christ in this region.

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