Forward this WhatsApp message or be cursed?

Hi Goldie,


I would like to know your thoughts on WhatsApp (WA) messages about God, prayers, Bible verses, etc. I’m not against the circulation of such WA messages but some of them contain endings that I’m not comfortable with, which seem to me to be occultic or like witchcraft. Should Christians circulate WA messages containing such terms and conditions?


Here is one such ending to a WA message:


“Dear God, Bless the hands of the one (1) who opened this post, also, illuminate the eyes of those who read it, and fill with love and blessings, whoever shares it. Amen. Please do not eliminate this message. Choose who you want to send this to. Angels have learned that you are fighting something and they say it has already passed. Please know that tonight there will be a resolution of two (2) issues in your life and they will provide relief for you. Tomorrow will be the best day of all. I leave you twelve (12) angels, one (1) for each month. Please give this to twelve (12) friends. Please do not break this prayer. Send it to twelve (12) people that you feel deserve justice, health, peace, love, and truth, but please do not keep it. God Bless You!”


From CJH

Dear CJH,


Thank you for your question.


I agree with you that some prayers, blessings, etc. are edifying but you need to know who to send them to in order to achieve their purpose. For example I do not appreciate receiving general WA posters with “have a blessed day’’ or a Bible verse with nothing else – it just takes up space.  But if the sender said he was praying for me and wants to encourage me with the particular verse or saying, then I will appreciate it.


WA messages asking you to send them to others and not break the chain (like the sample you sent) are chain letters that I will delete. I will definitely not circulate them to anyone if there is a promise or threat attached. Messages that sound like horoscopes should be deleted.


In summary, send WA messages that edify the people you send them to, and tell them you are thinking of them. Don’t send them because people tell you to.


A good thing to remember when sending anything is to delete the addresses contained as some people do not like their addresses known.


God bless,