The Hebrew Alphabet

By Pastor Christoper Choo

Study #1: ZAYIN

Today we shall leave VAV for the next Hebrew alphabet ZAYIN.

The pictorial of ZAYIN in Hebrew is:

1. ” A sceptre of a KING “.
2. A symbol of royalty.
3. The kingship of the Messiah who will hold the “sceptre of uprightness” (Psalm 45:6 ).

But “Who is the KING of Glory?” ( Psalm 24:8 )

The Bible points 7 times to Jesus as the KING
( 7 being the number of ZAYIN ):

1. In Matthew 2:2 the wisemen asked for the whereabouts of the KING of the Jews?

2. Matthew 5:35 calls Jerusalem the ” City of the Great KING “.

3. Jesus is called “The KING of Israel” ( Matthew 15:32).

4. Paul calls Jesus the only one KING who is “eternal, immortal, and invisible ” ( 1 Timothy 1:17 ).

5. Hebrews 7:1-3 calls Him ” KING of Righteousness and Peace”.

6. Revelation 15:3 gives Him the title of ” KING of nations”.

7. Revelation 19:16 dubs Him “the KING of kings”.

Father God, may we understand from ZAYIN that Jesus is not just a Lord as we call Him in English but our KING deserving all our honour, allegiance and obedience.

Study #1 ZAYIN
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