The Hebrew Alphabet

By Pastor Christoper Choo

Study #2: LAMED


The insights on AUTHORITY provided by the famous encounter between Jesus and an absent Roman Centurion in Luke 7 are invaluable.

Incredibly the Gentile Centurion recognized Jesus’ absolute AUTHORITY. He knew that the principles he obeyed in the chain of command in the Roman military echoed those in Christ’s kingdom. His faith in the unseen realities was thus commended by Jesus Himself.

1. He humbly recognised that as a leader he must view himself as being under AUTHORITY himself ( Luke 7:8 ).

2. He showed that the welfare of those under his AUTHORITY e.g. the plight of his sick servant was a top priority of a good leader.

3. He knew that upon Jesus’ authoritative command – whether given in person or by word from a distance – his sick servant would be healed at once.

Father God, may we have the selfsame faith of the Centurion in Christ’s AUTHORITY. May we realise that our own AUTHORITY is both a privilege and responsibility – a privilege to bless others and an accountability to You and others for the use of that power. May we realise that Jesus is Your LAMED ( Your Rod of AUTHORITY ).

Study #2 LAMED
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