The Hebrew Alphabet

By Pastor Christoper Choo

Study #4: ZAYIN


We saw the pictorial of ZAYIN as a weapon like a sword that divides things in two.

Since ZAYIN represents both the number 7 and a sword, it can be used to divide or “cut up ” Biblical time into units of sevens:

1.The Jewish Shabbat is the 7th day of the 7-day week.

2. The Feast of Pentecost ( Shavu’ot ) occurs after the 49th day after Passover.

3. Tishri is the 7th month of the year.

4. Shemitah is the 7th year of rest for the land.

5. Yovel is the 49th year before the Jubilee Year.

This is in agreement with the Hebrew calendar.

But controversy rages over the next computation if we acknowledge Yeshua as our Messiah which the Jews do not.

Adam(1) to Abraham (3) = 2,000 years.

Abraham (3) to Messiah (5) = 2,000 years

Messiah (5) to His Millennial Kingdom (7) = 2,000 years

His Millennial Kingdom =1,000 years.

If we tally the time sequence, we get 7,000 years in all.

The Millenium – stated in Revelation 19 and 20 – thus becomes the 7th millennium of human history ( week of 1,000s ).

Father God, in ZAYIN we see how it can be used as a powerful prophetic tool to teach us how You work time out in human history. Because of the limits of our computation, finite minds and theological differences, we can but discern to a point what You have in store for us. May the Holy Spirit open our spiritual eyes that we may watch and pray for more revelation of our seasons and times in Your perfect timing.

Study #4 ZAYIN
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