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What happens when a professional trainer’s life is turned upside down after an event? Would that change his life for the better?

This is the story of Jackson Ng who is hailed from Kuching, Sarawak. He is a professional trainer for 16 years already and in that period of time had achieved many great accomplishments to his name. He has obtained many worldly accolades in the field of human resource training, such as a Master’s degree from the University of Southern Queensland in Human Resource Management, a Certified Professional Trainer from IPMA, UK and is a professional member of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS). He was also won many awards, the best being the 2002 Asia Pacific Speech Champion when he represented Malaysia in Asia Pacific Speaking Competition (Area B).

Triumphant Trainer
Jackson Ng, trainer and author.

Apart from being a well decorated speaker, Jackson is also an accomplished author. He had authored many best sellers such as ‘The New You’, ‘You Are “A” Top Student’, ‘Speak with Impact’ just to name a few. One of his best-selling book, ‘Speak with Impact’ is rated 4-star by Berita Harian.

He has conducted thousands of seminars, workshops and training programs to different audiences from many walks of lives – from students, government servants, private organisations, retirees to working adults.

He is a very accomplished and self-made man indeed, in a worldly sense. All these accomplishments however as Jackson explained had made him think that he did not need God, even though he identified as a Christian when asked. Then, a major incident in his life being diagnosed of suffering from cancer that led him to change his entire life perspective to see Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour. This is his testimony of how he changed from a self-made trainer to one who is truly trained by the One who truly trains us in the ways of Eternal Life.


In his twenties in 2001, prior to being a trainer Jackson owned a tuition centre. He then attended to a talk by the world renowned speaker Anthony Robbins.

He was so impressed by the way how Robbins used Neuro Linguistic programming to impact and to change his audience perspective to life that quickly. Seeing the response of the multitude of people there, a thought struck Jackson.

Triumphant Trainer
Jackson hosting a talk at his training centre

“There were so many Asians there, hungry for success but do not know how to get it. They have to depend on trainers like Anthony Robbins to teach them how. And this guy was doing such a good job. I realised that in Asia there is a vacuum for trainers like this. Nobody (in Asia) is doing this. So I decided to be the one who would avail myself to become a trainer. I was very gung-ho about it and when I came back from the talk I decided to shift my attention from my tuition centre to professional training. I registered my training company in 2001 and at the same time tried to sell my tuition centre. A lot of people thought I was crazy, as my tuition centre was doing very well. Finally I sold my tuition centre at the end of 2002,” Jackson said.

It was a risky move, and he admitted to have struggled for a few years before becoming successful.

“When I first started off, I made losses. The reason was because I didn’t know the basic about the training business. I did not know how to do the marketing aspect of it, as well as the design which would be able to help me attract the masses. But to be fair I started as an organiser. I organised a lot of seminars. Although the speakers I invited were good, I lost a lot of money as only a few people came to my centre. I lost so much money that I had no choice but to leave Kuching and move to KL in order to see if this was the right platform for me, to get the training and help from others trainers there. In KL I took my time to discover and to learn the ropes. It took me a long time to learn how to be a trainer the right way. The beginning years, 2001 to 2004 I was really struggling and on my own. The biggest problem with me was that I read too many books and thought that I have the answers,” Jackson explained.

But as time passed, his business began to grow as he gained more experience through his ventures. Being a trainer, Jackson admits that he trusted in his own strength to get everything done.

“I became a man who depended solely on self. For me I had no need for God. That time I was only a nominal believer because I didn’t follow the Bible. I was not a practitioner. I referred to it only when I need to. The Bible is just more like a reference book for me. I didn’t think I needed God, because I was like “god” in my own life. This is the problem with trainers. We believe in the power of conscious and subconscious mind. So, what the mind can conceive we can achieve. But this is just a kind of limited knowledge. You have no control over the universe and people around you. But God can control everybody. He can send good people to you, good customers to you. Good people to favour to you. I didn’t know this. I thought it was sufficient for me to be successful. But that was until a trial that God allowed me to go through which would change my life,” Jackson said.

Triumphant Trainer
Jackson's many courses that he host at his place

Late in December 2012, Jackson had a very terrible pain in his head. He didn’t know what causes it. When he went for a check-up with the doctor, they discovered it was first stage nose cancer.

“I was devastated. How could this be? I took good care of my health,” Jackson said.

It was during this time of sickness and pain, that Jackson could really see Jesus in his life.

“While I was in physical pain, struggling on the hospital bed, six people came to pray for me. They took turns. Then the last person came up to pray for me. He told me something that surprised me. He said that there was one person I had not forgiven yet. God had asked him to ask me who the person was. I needed to forgive that person in order to receive healing,” Jackson said.

Triumphant Trainer
Jackson trainning combines life experiences as well as knowledge of a trainer

Jackson was perplexed as he did not know who had he not forgiven yet. After a long period of reflection

Jackson realised that the person was his father.

“My father died when I was very young, and I was angry that he left us so soon. So, the person asked me to say a prayer of forgiveness, and I did. The moment I said the prayer of forgiveness miraculously the pain immediately stopped,” Jackson testified.

“It was at that moment I stopped looking left and right to the world and truly believed in God. I took my faith in Jesus seriously. The next day I was given a stack of pain killers to help cope with the pain. You know what? I took none of them as the pain had gone completely,” Jackson said praising God.

To know more about how God ultimately let Jackson to complete healing, as well as a change in perspective of life, read on in part to of Triumphant Trainer.