Disclaimer for Third-Party Contributions

General Terms and Conditions for Submission of Third-Party Articles to be Published on Asian Beacon

Asian Beacon accepts articles from the public for publication under certain conditions. Writers from the public may submit material for publication on Asian Beacon with the following general terms and conditions:

Disclaimer – Asian Beacon and all persons affiliated with the aforementioned shall under no circumstances be held legally responsible for the accuracy of any content or material submitted by the public and published on Asian Beacon’s website. It is the writers’ sole responsibility to check the veracity of information within their submitted content.

However, within reason, and once we have satisfied ourselves with a genuine case for the removal of any submitted blogs/articles, Asian Beacon reserves the right to remove the said blogs/articles from publication on our media.

Copyright – All our writers, including those from the public, agree to be recognised and guaranteed as the original copyright holder of any material submitted for publication. In addition, you acknowledge that you own legal rights to use the information within your submitted work. As such, the individual writer(s) of submitted blogs/articles and the churches affiliated to these individual(s) will be and are fully responsible for the content of their submitted blogs/articles.

Asian Beacon views plagiarism seriously. We will take all reasonable steps to detect plagiarism in all submitted articles. However, there may be occasional cases where plagiarised content may slip through the net. Asian Beacon will not be held responsible for this in any way, and any consequences from breaches committed by writers in this regard will be fully borne by the writers. All content found to be plagiarised will be removed from our media. 

Each contributed blog/article published on Asian Beacon’s media will contain a public link (or citation in cases where a link does not exist) pointing back to the source.

Clearance and Right of Use – Each contributor from the public agree that any contribution sent was given by consent to be published or republished on any of Asian Beacon’s media, whether in print or in electronic form (including social media), through sincere goodwill.

Further, they have been cleared with perpetual permission to be published or republished without the incurrence of any form of royalty. In all cases, due credit will be given to the original author.

Review – Asian Beacon reserves the right to review contributions and decide on their publication. In most cases, Asian Beacon practices an open approach to contributions provided they stay within the boundaries of Christian subject matter, unless where it involves sensitive issues or offensive content in any form.

Reservation of Rights – We reserve the right to accept, reject or remove any material submitted for publication and to determine the schedule of publication for each contribution.

Offensive Content – Any material deemed defamatory, racist, or otherwise illegal or offending will in any case not be approved for publication.

E-mails – It is a requirement of our submission process that all writers agree to receive occasional e-mails from us on updates and follow-up. Through this means we will keep all our writers and partnering churches informed and up to date. If any of these notification e-mails are returned/ignored, we may refuse or withdraw the publication. In addition, Asian Beacon may collect your contact details to keep you informed of updates.